Monday, April 16, 2007

You thought rock-stars were fussy?

What do writers depend on to do their work? Not inspiration, talent or dedication (although they do help, supposedly) but their cups of coffee, special brand of pencil or favourite view. The Guardian today has a number of authors discussing their requirements which range from the mundane (ear-plugs, hot water, chocolate) to the frankly bizarre ("a blindfolded rhino rescued from floodwaters"? Okay then, Melissa Bank...). Some are a little more grounded when it comes to this approach, here's Michael Faber;

"Me, I need nothing special. I use a computer. Don't ask me what brand it is, I couldn't care less. What time in the morning do I start work? Whenever I wake up. What do I eat? Whatever's around. What are my bare minimum requirements? Solitude, and enough light to see the screen. Any talismans, lucky ornaments, superstitious procedures? Nope."

Still, he likes to listen to Krautrock to get his juices flowing.

Read the article here and then try and determine what your vice would be. A bowl full of blue smarties? A North-Easterly wind gently blowing through the window? Albanian nose-flute music?

You decide.

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Ann Marie said...

I really liked that article. Nice to know writers are just as weird as everyone else. I know when I study I can't stop eating and I normally think of things to write at really inconvient times for writing them down, like mid-lecture today I had an idea for a blog and started it in my head.