Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Joanna Newsom concert Pt. 2

So, I was flitting around on Youtube and decided to type in "Joanna Newsom" + "Dublin" just in case somehow had clips from the show, and as luck would have it, they did! Yaaay! So, for your viewing pleasure, we have:

"Peach, Plum Pear"

Her hippie joke.

And, my highlight,




Ninquelosse said...

You know, I think I like Joanna Newsom...her music's really unusual and otherworldly. I'm not quite sure what to think, but I think I like. Anyway, thanks for posting bits.

Damien Kelly said...

Sykes recommended her a while back, shes good. There was a pic of her goin round that made her look like an elf from LOTR :L:L:L