Friday, February 9, 2007

Toy Story 3 Announced

Yep. Those shocked faces are justified, I've got big news, guys.

I kid you not, the long-awaited Toy Story threequel is in the works. According to EmpireOnline Lee Unkrich will be the director. Unkrich, co-director of Toy Story 2, Monsters Inc. and Finding Nemo, has the full support of original TS man John Lasseter. I'm presuming they'll get Tom Hanks and Tim Allen back on as the cowboy and astronaut, Randy Newman to write the music etc. Add the fact that Pixar have obviously come on in great leaps as far as animation is concerned, and you have one excited Catherine.

I still remember seeing both Toy Story's in the cinema really, really clearly. Number one, my dad brought me to see in The Square Cinema (what an awful place) even though I was slightly unsure about the film, after seeing the tv ads. I think I thought it was a war film, because of the soldiers. Luckily, my dad convinced me to see it and I loved it. Number Two we all went to see together as a family and I got really nervous at the trailer for some dinosaur film (it went on for so long that I began to worry we were in the wrong cinema). I loved Toy Story 2 almost as much as I did the first. Sigh, memories! Hey, looking up Toy Story on the IMDB I see that Annie Potts (the hilarious Iona, Molly Ringwald's boss and friend in Pretty In Pink) played Bo-Peep. Hah, I never knew that.

Roll on 2008/9!

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