Friday, February 2, 2007

Got that Friday feeling?

Here's the things buzzing around my head, on this lovely Friday afternoon:

1. It is a lovely afternoon, isn't it? I nearly fell asleep in bio today because the class was so warm and lovely. Spring has truly come again (thanks St. Bridget!)
2. Season three of Desperate Housewives is the best series yet, no question. Season Two was a complete disaster, I'm sorry, but I gave up watching halfway through. The plotlines were dull and convuluted and the characters didn't grab me. This time round, the housewives have reverted to the Season One selves and they're all the better for it. Evil, manipulator Gabby, dopey klutz Susan and, brilliantly, psychotic Bree with her impecable manners. Even Lynette has undergone a transformation - I originally found her kind of dull but she's kicking ass lately. Tuesday's double bill was amazing, especially the episode set in the supermarket. Yowzer.
3. School today was totally pointless, four actual classes and then five free periods. Five!?
4. Char's partay tomorrow!!
5. I should really get off the computer and make fajitas. I really should. Really....sigh.

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