Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My take on this year's Baftas.

"We are not amused..."

Yep, I'm probably a day late to be writing this, but I was hell busy yesterday and only got home at 11pm, whereupon I made a cup of Zinger tea and retired to bed to watch The West Wing. Ooh, my life is so eventful.
Anyway, watching the Baftas on Sunday night was an infuriating, if entertaining way to while away some hours. I laughed, I cried, I yelled at my tv screen in anger...well, I smiled, frowned and tutted mildly. Without further ado, here is my take on this year's awards, my good points and bad points, in roughly chronological order..

Seeing Almodóvar and Cruz walking up the red carpet together (for some reason I found it unusual to see him at an awards ceremony), Pan's Labyrinth winning Best Foriegn Film and del Toro's adorable speech,the cameraman focusing on Ian McKellen throughout the ceremony, Helen Mirren wildly mouthing something at the camera, Kylie Minogue, Jennifer Hudson getting Supporting Actress, okay, now in my notes I have "During LMS tribute thing clip of Sufijan Stevens played" although I can't for the life of me remember what song...Penelope Cruz's dress was gorgeous, Forest Whitikar walking off the wrong way after collecting his award, Helen Mirren's speech for her award, Ian McKellen presenting Best Film and sporting his King Lear beard, some guy from The Queen wearing red converse with his suit (I haven't noted down his name)....and sin é.

Not having seen most of the films (ssssh!), Volver not winning, Jonathon Ross and his lame excuses for jokes (Stephen Fry, come back! They could at least have gotten a presenter who has the ability to pronounce every letter of the alphabet properly...), the long white runway thingy that presenters had to trot down in a hilarious fashion, Happy Feet winning over my beloved Flushed Away, Andy Serkis thinking "cueball" is a good look, Nick Daubent the Location Guy and his whiny voice, Paul Greengrass sounding like he's deluded and believing he's won an Oscar ("I'd like to thank the Acadamy...", oh please, when anyone hears "Academy" they think the Oscars, loser), Thandie Newton wasting her life by a) wearing an exploding dress and b) appearing in Norbit....and sin sin.

Oh well, roll on the Oscars. Whenever the hell they are. 25th? 26th? Whuteva's.

Okay, on a totally unrelated note, in yesterdays G2 Germaine Greer wrote an article about libraries. While there was nothing too controversial about this piece, I was unnerved to read that the library she holds in high regard is situated in none other than Cavan, in the "Republic of Eire". Who calls Ireland that?!? Anyway. My point being, how scared would you be if you, a simple Cavan-er, walked into your public library in a fairly innocuous fashion...and saw Germaime Greer excitedly taking notes? Speaking for myself? Very.


Damien Kelly said...

How did you know I had one????

Ann Marie said...

I forgot when that was on. Now thanks to you I only have to look up the high points on youtube :)
Delighted to see Pan's Labyrinth got best Foreign film.
And why would't the camera man focus on Ian McKellen for you :D

Catherine said...

A blog? I followed the link from Ann-Marie's page. It wasn't exactly the science of rockets, pal!