Monday, December 17, 2007

Top 100 Tracks

Well, I posted just in time. Pitchfork's top 100 tracks have been published today, with their albums due tomorrow. I forgot to mention it yesterday, but for me, reading lists of individual songs is more enjoyable than full album capsule reviews. A 3 minute pop song (or 12, if you're Panda Bear) can be sweet perfection and may inspire full fledged love, passion, hatred or regret.

Trawl the net at Pitchfork, where they've helpfully given links to downloads or videos of each song. No surprises with the top spot, LCD Soundsystem's All My Friends. I'm so glad I finally heard this song, it's appearing in everyone's list right now. A deserving win, I think, although it won't be my favourite of the year.

Take a gander at their top 10. I've helpfully provided YouTube videos of each song you can make your own judgements, especially if you haven't heard any of them (I wasn't familiar with two). Not bad, although I'd have made different selections from the Animal Collective, Rihanna and Panda Bear albums.

10: Jay-Z [ft. Beanie Sigel]
"Ignorant Shit"

9: Animal Collective

8: Justice

7: LCD Soundsystem
"Someone Great"

6: UGK [ft. Outkast]
"Int'l Players Anthem (I Choose You)"

5: Rihanna [ft. Jay-Z]

4: M.I.A. [ft. Bun B and Rich Boy]
"Paper Planes (Remix)"

3: Panda Bear

2: Battles

1: LCD Soundsystem
"All My Friends"

I'm working my own Single Song list. Expect it within the next few days.

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