Saturday, November 10, 2007

Writer's Guild Strike

A few days ago Ann Marie linked to the United Hollywood blog, which is committted to covering the writer's strike which is currently making waves in TV Land. It's an informative read, certainly. If you're unsure about why the WGA are on the picket lines, or you think it's a stunt purely done out of greed, I suggest you take a gander at the blog or watch this short video.

These people aren't demanding mega-bucks. They just want to be treated fairly and given their due. Currently, a writer recieves nothing anytime a show is streamed or downloaded online while the studios make money regardless. The fact that some executive sitting in an office somewhere is getting richer while the guy or gal who created the product, who put time and effort into making something, gets a big fat zero is discomforting. Those creative types are the key component in the tv programmes we love and watch regularly. I firmly believe that words, no matter whether it's a great work of literature or the script of Ugly Betty, have the power to change the world and all those who devote their lives to the craft of shaping them should be honoured.

Joss Whedon

One positive aspect of the strike is the communal spirit that has emerged. Screenwriters and actors, as well as guild members, have joined the picket line or signed their names to petitions. A startling fact is that many film writers have also downed their tools in solidarity - meaning a lot of next years blockbusters are left hanging. Most tv shows have only a few episodes left to run before they're forced to go on indefinite hiatus. The Big Bosses better wake up soon.

Hollywood Screenwriters

Julianne Moore

Desperate Housewives


Show your support by signing the online peition.


Ann Marie said...

As I've said in a comment under link to the site I support the strike.

Damien Kelly said...

Yep, I agree totally.

The ONLY downside I see for you Cass is perhaps a lack of films coming out in a fixed time from now, meaning you and I can't go to the cinema and you won't have anything to review.....:(


Ranson said...

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