Friday, November 30, 2007

Doctor Who + Kylie + Goldfrapp = wow.

What the bleep. I just posted literally five minutes ago about a couple of things that brightened up my day today and then clicked onto Popjustice and came across this.

Oh. My. Doctor.

I thought my eyes were decieving me. But no. Oh no. A Doctor Who/Kylie themed single that's based off a Goldfrapp song, featuring Tardis noises with a Killers sample, and a title that seems to reference "Song 4 Mutya". ARGH! Isn't that just amazing?

Answer: yes.

Well, on one level it's awful. It's cheesy and pun-filled. It's by something called The Fast Ood Rockers. It's designed to hit the Christmas Number One spot.

But on the other hand...

Listen to it!


Ann Marie said...

Sometimes you just have to love the cheese :D
Personally I'd rather that getting to number one than some talent show winner yet again getting the top spot.

Anonymous said...



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