Saturday, June 30, 2007

Summer in the city...

Incroyable! I've been tagged. Thank you kindly, Emma. This is my first one.

On y va:

01. Name movies you watch every summer.
Let's ignore the fact that summer should probably be about getting outside for some fresh air, as the weather has been uniformly awful for the past three weeks. Lots of children's films are coming to mind, especially old Disney stuff and newer Pixar. Last summer heralded the momentous occasion of my first introduction to the magic of Moulin Rouge!, which I watched 5 times over two weeks, so that was a definite summer movie for me.

02. Songs that remind you the most of summer.
This is a much easier question than movies, because music can be the soundrack to lazy afternoons at the beach or in your garden, staying up to watch the sunrise and obviously, summer music festivals. I saw Radiohead/Beck/Deerhoof during one summer and The Pixies/Kings of Leon during another, so they will obviously be on my playlist. Godspeed You! Black Emperor are the best choice for listening to when the sun is just rising. Pavement are perfect for lazing out the back and drinking ice-cold beverages. Then rap stuff like Digable Planets and Jurassic 5, plus the obvious pop music. Nelly Furtado, Girls Aloud, Kanye West. Rhianna's Umbrella is to 2007 as Shakira's Hips Don't Lie was to 2006.

03. What was the favourite summer holiday you ever went on?
Probably the tiny French village of Monpezat-de-Quercy, which we went to two years in a (2004/5). I love that little village like I grew up there; the shady lanes leading up to the piscine, the old well in the secluded park, the tiny church, the shops, everyone who lives there. I'd go back in a heartbeat.

04. Your favourite airport reads.
It's a tradition for me to read Empire magazine in the airport, but other than that it's usually just whatever I'm reading at the time. My books don't tend to be seasonal.

05. Are you a sunbather?
Is Brian Cowen an all-round decent guy?

06. Your ideal holiday destination this Summer that you haven’t been to before.
I was about to say New York, but I'd rather visit the Big Apple in the wintertime. Still, I really want to stroll down some fancy New York streets in a pair of shades, blaring some hp hop through a boombox. So yeah, NY.

07. Describe your Summer of 2006 in 10 words or less.
We're stuck in a caravan. Bricfeasta Reidh! Blah Shelter. Zidane.

08. What Summer movie must you see this year?
The Simpsons. Ratatouille. Hairspray.

09. Which Summer changed your life?
I have no idea. Probably the ones in Montpezat.

10. Do you like the beach? What do you bring to the beach with you?
Despite an aversion to sand and hot weather, yeah I do. You're going to need supplies though. Blanket, lots of bottled water, snack food, some sort of portable music device, sunblock and then something completely inappropriate, like a lifesize frisbee. Wow. How rad would that be? *imagines*

11. Your earliest memory of a Summer holiday.
I remember my first trip to France when I was four, but only barely. Playing cards and listening to Blur with my cousins in Co. Clare when I was about 6/7 is my strongst summery memory. Those holidays rocked. My sister and I joined with my three male cousins to form a sort of Oasis tribute band called The Hairbands. We rocked the house, I'm telling you.

12. And finally, what do you intend on doing this Summer?
I might might be joining a tennis camp. Which could result in the old "...hilarity ensues" chesnut. France in August. And plenty of sleeping! Whippeeee!!

I tag Ann Marie, Damien, Emily Rose, Eegah and Doppelganger.


Ann Marie said...

There's also a little something for you below it.

Emma said...

Thanks for doing this!

I haven't actually heard Rihanna's song... that's how absolutely behind with the times I am, so I think I might just listen to it now, just so that I recognise it.

Hehe, Zidane's headbutt was one of the most memorable events of 2006... I like to remember the event as "All About Zidane's Mother." Blah, lame joke, I know.

And yay for Empire. So, so much better than Total Film, which really winds me up for some reason.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Godspeed You! Black Emperor

Holy crap: you've just won your way into my heart for good.

Moya and the opening track from Yanqui UXO swoon a sun-up perfectly...

You are clearly a woman of great taste: all this AND David Tennant too.

You'll go far my dear!

Catherine said...

Ann Marie - thanking you kindly!

Emma - pas de probleme (I've slipped into French mode), it was fun! Eugh, Zizou's...incident was just to painful for me. I was crying for days afterwards. I agree with you 'bout Empire too, even though this month's is a wee bit under par.

Lisa - GY!BE forever! Seriously, even though Moya is just them ripping off Gorecki, it's simply the best song ever. Sometimes.

Damien Kelly said...

What is it????

Catherine said...

Damien - you just answer the questions on your own Blog and then pass it on, if you wish. If you want, like. There's no law saying you have to!

Ninquelosse said...

Oooo fun! Okily, I'll do this one when I come back from my holiday (I'm walking onto a plane in about, oooh, an hour and a half so no time now...) Thank you!

Anonymous said...


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