Sunday, June 3, 2007

Bring It On!

I like to support my dearly departed Arrested Development stars and to take note of what films they're appearing in since The Best TV Show Of Our Generation was pulled off the air. The latest offering to come to my attention is a tricksy, imaginative prospect that has me grinning just thinking about it.

I've been hearing rumours and news about Todd Hayne's Bob Dylan biopic I'm Not There for months now. It's been well documented that the Far From Heaven director will be helming the project that features numerous actors playing Dylan, including Richard Gere, Heath Ledger and Cate Blanchett. If that doesn't sound appealing enough (though I can't see how), take a peek at the supporting cast.

Julianne Moore, an actress who has definitely grown on me recently (thanks to seeing Short Cuts and Magnolia) and Michelle Williams take roles, but perhaps the biggest draw for me is the inspired casting of A.D.'s David Cross as Beat-poet Allen Ginsberg.

I keep imagining Cross reading "Howl" aloud in Tobias' voice.

"I saw the best minds of my ARE you?"

IMDB informs me that the soundtrack will come courtesy of Stephen Malkmus (who I like very much for his work in bands such as Pavement and The Jicks), which is the final deciding factor. I guess that means I'll be in line once this hits our shores.

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