Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sticking to what you know

From The Guardian: Madonna has turned her hand to directing. Now, I know what you're thinking, "Wow! What with the deaths of Altman, Bergman and Antonioni in the last few years, I've just been longing for a new autuer to step up and start making films again, and good old Madge has taken up the helm. Where can I see this masterwork?" Well, I'm sorry to dissapoint but unless you were at the Berlin Film Festival this week, you're going to have to wait for "Filth and Wisdom". Dayum.

I don't mean to be condescending. It could be a masterpiece, couldn't it? What do you say, Peter Bradshaw ?

Madonna's script is a nightmare of crass and fatuous stereotypes: south Asians, Jews, gays - no one escapes her lack of insight or common sense. Despite living in Britain for many years, she has only the sketchiest notion of what the place is like. Her film reaches a Zen state of pure offensive awfulness when the lap-dancer's mentor comes round with a gigantic wad of £20 notes. This was her "tips from last night". Her "tips"? From "last night"?

Hmm. Maybe not, then.

But my absolute favourite part of the Guardian article is this extract from Madonna's programme notes. "I have always been inspired by the films of Goddard [sic], Visconti, Passolini [sic] and Fellini and hope that I may one day make something that comes close to their genius." Right. Good luck with that, then. And maybe the next time you namedrop some Greats, spell their names correctly*.

I'm not ragging on Madonna. But this is great.

*I know the typos are probably nothing to do with Madonna herself (though I wish they were), but it's still hilarious.

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Kayleigh said...

Hehe poor Madonna, so desperate to have her fingers in all the pies. The movie sounds like her attempt to titillate the film world in a desperate manner. It's a shame to see Eugene Hutz being wasted in such a film, especially since he was so good in Everything Is Illuminated.
And Happy Valentines Day!