Tuesday, January 22, 2008

There Will Be Blood....at A Punch Up At A Wedding

I've refrained from posting much about the Oscars lately (even though they've crept into my dreams, along with some of the US Presidential nominees!) but it goes without saying I'm excited about the nominations, which are gonna be broadcast in a few hours.

But at the time of writing, I'm not too happy about one shameful thing; apparently, Jonny Greenwood's score for There Will Be Blood is not eligible for an Oscar Nomination. Let's just let that thought sink in there for a while. Jonny Greenwood, virtuouso guitar player and respected musician, with one of the most original and nervy scores of the year for one of the year's most talked-about films, is not allowed into Oscar's party.

Read about why this is a poor decision at The Film Experience. It's not because he used "other music". It's because he's a "rockstar" or English or young or a "first-time composer" (he's not, btw. Remember Bodysong?) or...or...or he has no 'h' in his first name. Or else a bunch of people in the Academy are devout Radiohead fans and they're blaming Jonny for why In Rainbows was so lacklustre. ("Let's teach him he shouldn't be dabbling round in film music and make him devote all his time to the band, mwahahaha!")

Grr. I'm really quite upset about this. I was rooting for Jonny from the get-go, but especially after I actually heard the music. He was also likely to be the only Oscar-nominee who I'd seen live.

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Damien Kelly said...

By the time you'll read this you'll know that the Nominations are out...but just on a side I'm a tad concerned that the Presidential Elections are in your dreams.....

ON another note, here's wondering why you're on the computer so early in the morning....