Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My Top Ten o' 2007*

*Irish release dates only. That excludes No Country For Old Men, There Will Be Blood, Sweeney Todd and other critical darlings.

This list was not hard to compile at first, but then I took a second look at it and began switching titles, taking off names completely and scratching my head with puzzlement. Funnily enough, the top five are the locks; I was blown away by each of those films and the top place has been firmly there ever since I first saw it back in the summer. These films aren't necessarily the best of the year; to qualify, I had to be engaged both emotionally and intellectually, and also be able to appreciate the craft of the film. What follows is a mixed bag; political thrillers, children's films, adult dramas and a musical. Not all will appeal to everyone, but I can assure that each will provoke discussion, thoughts and opinions.

10. Michael Clayton

09. Ratatouille

08. A Mighty Heart

07. Away From Her

06. Hairspray

05. Breach

04. Zodiac


02. I’m Not There

01. Jindabyne

Each of these films shocked me, thrilled me, made me laugh or left me with tears in my eyes. Not all accomplished all four criteria, but some definitely did. Glancing over my list, I cried at six of the titles, squirmed in fear at four and in every case left the cinema (or living room, in the case of the two I watched on dvd) feeling like I was walking on air.


Kayleigh said...

Great top 10. I had a hard time doing my own list and just gave up at 3. Inland Empire was completely manic and pissed my gran off ("Why the hell are they doing the locomotion?") but i had great fun with it. Well, fun isn't the right word.

Just a girl said...

Hey Catherine,
Clicked through to you from Emma.

I think I agree with your Top 10 more than Ebert's, though I am yet - and desperately want - to see Ratatouillie, Hairspray and A Mighty Heart. I enjoyed Jindabyne a lot (and it was shot and set Down Under!!) Have you seen Atonement or Into the Wild? (I can only conclude they must not be released there, in which case, I can empathise.) I would include those in my top 10.

Just a girl

PS Great blog! =)

Catherine said...

@ Just A Girl

Thanks for the comment, nice to see another Jindabyne fan. Both those films have been released here, but I didn't see either!

Kamikaze Camel said...

Jindabyne was my #1 film of 2006 so I'm ecstatic to see it your #1 of 2007!