Saturday, September 15, 2007

It's Deborah, not Debbie

So, today I met Debbie Harry, or as she now calls herself, Deborah Harry. Or as millions of people around the globe know her, Blondie. Y'know. Her:

Well, nowadays she looks more like this:

She was in HMV Grafton Street for her first ever European signing. Now, I'm really happy she decided to bestow this honour upon Ireland, but she seriously needs to fire her PR company. Why any popstar of her magnitude would chose Dublin for her first European signing is beyond me; but I'm not exactly complaining. Quentin Tarantino was in HMV last night too. It would have been awesome to queue up to see him, shake his hand and say with a big grin, "Hey, Quentin? You're a cunt."

I ended up buying a copy of her new album, Necessary Evil. Which isn't great, but not as over-produced as I had expected. It's no Mantaray, though.

This is basically our conversation (we were in the first ten people to get stuff signed)

Me: Hi. How's it going? Eh, make it out to Catherine please.
DH: That with a C or a K?
Me: That's a C.
DH: Ah. That's my mother's name, Catherine.
Me: Yeah? It's a good name.
DH: It is, yeah. There you go.
Me: Thanks. Okay, cheers, bye!
DH: See ya.

Riveting stuff. She was cool, but very aloof. I didn't have a camera with me - curses.


Ninquelosse said...

"Quentin Tarantino was in HMV last night too" she says totally casually, just because she knows Ninquelosse's head will explode when she says it...I'm gonna put some Blondie on now.

Damien Kelly said...

....Why would you call Tarantino a cunt?? That word has too many meanings, you could be saying something completely untrue there.

Just for that, I'm not finishing with


Damien Kelly said...

Btw, congratulations on fixing your whole 5th/6th year identity trouble....god knows what might have happened if you WERE still in 5th year and were somehow trapped in time like Groundhog Day.


I'm VERY upset that you didn't back me up in The Shannon Debate blog!!! Definitely no more XXX for you ;p

Rob said...

Well, someone has to call him a cunt, otherwise he may never realise.