Monday, January 15, 2007

Cinema Trip!

On Sunday afternoon, I saw "The Pursuit of Happyness" at Cineworld with Ellen. Having already slagged me off for getting teary-eyed at the trailer for this when we first saw it before Christmas, my sister was more than ready to poke me in the ribs if I started blubbing. She wasn't disapointed.

While "The Pursuit.." won't shock anyone with it's ending or inevitable uplifting message, it does pass the time in a pleasant and rewarding fashion. Will Smith is as likeable as always, playing a slightly more challenging role than previous fare ("I, Robot", "Hitch") and his real life son, Jaden Smith, is adorable. Some plot details are slightly implausible, but there's enough warmth and gentle humour to ensure that the audience are rooting for Chris Gardner until the very end, which is quite surprising in it's simplicity. There's no final outburst of joy, no explosion of feeling. And that makes it all the more moving.

In other news, I also saw my first cinema trailer for Spiderman III. Excited, much? There was a lot of emphasis placed on Sandman and Venom, which is what the fans want to see. Only one quick glance at Gwen Stacey though, who I pray has a large enough role to take away from Kirsten Dunst. Oh please, God.

Roll on May 4th!

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